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Ray offers boarding services for registered Golden Retrievers with a clean bill of health (must have common vaccinations including bordetella). Ray has been in the same ideal country location since the beginning. The Goldens have seven fenced-in fields which are maintained to especially provide both ample running room as well as areas for rest and exploring.


Ray is well versed in the different personalities of Goldens and instinctively knows who to pair up for the end of the day. On the rare occastion of any dog altercations Ray knows how to deal with it in a professional way. There are two dogs to a pen when operating at full capacity, otherwise it is one dog per pen (each are approximately 12' by 12'). Each pen always has fresh water and clean high-quality straw.


To reduce the stress on your Golden, and in the spirit of providing a friendly, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for your Golden, we require that the owner provide enough food for the length of the stay. Your pet will feel much more comfortable with the food they are familiar with. They will be fed individually with no competition from the other Goldens. Ray is constantly around all the dogs and any sign of discomfort will be noticed immediately and dealt with in a professional manner. There is a local Vet that Ray deals with for all their medical requirements in case of an emergency.

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